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    At Miniature Mansions, we have two finely crafted, exquisitely detailed dolls houses in our catalogue. Each dolls house can be made to order and is crafted with an exceptional level of skill and a flawless finish.

The Argyle project by Taylor Wimpey (Central London) is a prestigious development in North Kensington, London with property prices in excess of £2 million.  

Miniature Mansions were commissioned to build an equally prestigious dolls house of one of these properties.  The dolls house was to be the main feature at their exhibition in Hong Kong.  The standard scales of 1:12 and 1:24 were not suitable for this project.  

Following discussions with Taylor Wimpey (Central London) it was decided to build the dolls house at the scale of 1:16. Building a dolls house at this scale meant that everything had to be made from scratch.  These photographs show the incredible skill of the team who made everything bespoke from bathroom taps to fitted kitchens .

Designing to Decorating Book

The complete guide to decorating a doll's house