Dolls House Decoration Guide

19th February 2019

Dolls House Decoration Guide
Just how do you decorate your newly purchased or home built dolls house?
What tools do you need?
How are mouldings cut and painted?
In this comprehensive guide book we tell you all the secrets to get the perfect to each room using
our unique resin mouldings!
Simple to cut without breaking, easy to glue and can be painted with readily available car primer
and acrylic paint that comes in an aerosol can.
Unsure how to miter a joint? – No problem, we show you how and you can even purchase the correct tools from us!
Decorating a dolls house has never been so well documented; Take a look at the guide today!

Posted by: Miniature Mansions

Designing to Decorating Book

The complete guide to decorating a doll's house