• SM138 Wall Panel - Resin

  • £6.55

  • Description

    A wall panel in the Adam style. This panel has the most delicate detail of stylised Acanthus leaf, with a detailed oval panel at its centre, encapsulated by a fluted edge.  This slim panel could be used either side of a chimney breast or between larger panels. There are nine different sizes of panel in this style (SM135 to SM143), with each panel complementing the other. The most elegant of panelled rooms can be created, whatever the size of room.  Cornices that complement this panel are SM125 and SM126 along with door surround SM148.

  • (1/12 scale)
  • We are sorry, but we are unable to take orders in this moment, normal service will be resumed at the end of October.

    • 1 1/4" Width (in)
    • 0.00 Dia (in)
    • 0.00 Length (in)
    • 5 1/2" Height (in)
    • 1/8" Depth (in)
    • 0.00 Opening (in)
    • 32mm Width (mm)
    • 0.00 Dia (mm)
    • 0.00 Length (mm)
    • 139mm Height (mm)
    • 3mm Depth (mm)
    • 0.00 Opening (mm)

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