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    Designing To Decorating, the complete guide to decorating a doll's house

    This book has been described by doll's house specialist Caroline Hamilton as 'clear no-nonsence guide', Designing to Decorating', takes both experienced and novice doll's house decorators step by step through the process of decorating a doll's house using resin mouldings. As well as a detailed guide to using mouldings and realising a design using the ceiling moulding templates which are at the back of the book , the book also contains many valuable tips and tricks, drawing on John Payne's forty years' experience in model making. The book complements Miniature Mansions' range of resin mouldings. Resin mouldings are easy to work with and more user-friendly than plaster mouldings. They are virtually indestructible and can be finished with many kinds of paint.

    143 colour photographs 51 line drawings to illustrate the steps.

    It's not that you can't do it

    You just don't know how to


  • (1/24 scale)
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    • 0.00 Width (in)
    • 0.00 Dia (in)
    • 81/4" Length (in)
    • 051/4" Height (in)
    • 0.00 Depth (in)
    • 0.00 Opening (in)
    • 0.00 Width (mm)
    • 0.00 Dia (mm)
    • 210mm Length (mm)
    • 150mm Height (mm)
    • 0.00 Depth (mm)
    • 0.00 Opening (mm)

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